My name's Pat Strong and I have been knitting all my life, or so it seems, and I now have the cutest little shop in Drymen, Stirlingshire.


Although it’s small I want to fill it with gorgeousness and keep as local as I can. Knit isn’t just ‘in, over through and off’ It’s about living creatures and heritage and wrapping loved ones in warmth and love.

Craic’n’yarn is what it says it is – stories and yarn.

All the yarns have a story – they are not necessarily the most commercial but have a beauty and back story that makes me want to be surrounded by them.

Craic’n’yarn is also my studio and I’ll be in there flexing my creative muscles and designing my own knits. I’ve met so many knitters who have knit a garment and it’s not been wearable and they’ve given up. I believe that simple shapes in knit can be great, wearable garments even if you’re not size zero, young and beautiful which I aint!


Knit can be fashionable, wearable and unique. The hand knitter is far more high tech than any machine.