It is blowing a gale here in Scotland, I was in need of comfort knitting. Socks in sparkly Opal Sock

I started with the KnitProKarbonz dpns- 2.5mm - the kids bought me one Christmas so I was thinking of them as I worked. How are their jobs going? Are they safe and warm? and when will I ever be a Granny? etc etc. I cast on 64 stitches because I like that number. Socks are very mathematical and there's doubling and halfing going on. Socks are also compact little projects - very portable and within most price ranges. Hand knitting isn't always a cheap hobby. I find with the multi - coloured yarns the colour changes keep me interested and I finish what I start - I'm a monkey for not finishing things - can't be perfect! I cast on (thumb method for stretchyness) using one needle and then move the stitiches without twisting on to the other 2 dpns. Joining them into the round is easy enough I keep the working yarn quite tight as I cross the needles. 12 rounds of 2x2 rib looked about right for my cuff:

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