My socks are looking gorgeous and sparkly - I know - beauty is in the eye etc but I think knitting w

The rest of the sock top/cuff is knitted - just knitted really no purling for stocking stitch in the round. I reckon I'll do about 11 or 12cm of stocking stitch and that'll be long enough to cover my hairy legs (oooooh oversharing!) I'm not making heavy weather of these - no stitch markers yet. Also the maths is important - amazing the number of Maths Teachers you meet at knitting groups/exhibitions! With socks there's halving and conserving number. I also like 48 that's a good number if you use thicker yarn for socks.

The next bit will be the heel part and I'll half the number of stitches I work on - in this case 32. I'll be working back and forward on these stitiches only and doing some kind of reinforcing rib. After knitting these I'll be mad if they wear through after a few washes. I'm wearing socks I knit 7/8 years ago and they're maybe not in the first flush of youth but still going - a bit like the wearer. I found a pair of thick acrylic socks I knit a while ago (By a while I mean about 8 years ago - see what I mean about not finishing things? I'm terrible!) All that was to do was sew up one toe so I did that and thought I'd wear them as it's Baltic up here at the moment. Absoutely no warmth in them - so that is it - I'm sticking to the 75% wool and 25% man made = warmth, strength and washability. They do look nice though...

So, I shall ponder my next move over a glass of red with my bearded bloke in the pub tonight - I could continue in stocking stitch but I won't. Maybe a twisted 1x1 rib would give me strength and look good. I'll slip all the first stitches as I work that'll make it east to pick up stitches to complete the foot part. Hmmmmmmmmm.

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