Back to the heel. I worked 28rows of k1,p1, rib. I slipped every first stitch and I knit into the ba

To turn the heel we go back to the Maths. I did 28 rows for the flap and at either side of the work you should see 14 big loops - eventually you'll pick up these stitches so... that's 2x14 = 28 but for the foot of your sock we have to get back to 64 stitches again so the 28 extra stitches we have to lose! Yeah, what's that all about? but that's how the sock is shaped to get over the heel. So - we lose 14stitches st the heel and another 14 at the sock sides to get back to 64 stitiches.

Easy heel turn - Because we need to lose 14stitches, 7 at each side of the flap. Knit till the last 8 sts and work 2 together, then turn the work and work back to the last 8 stitches, work 2 together. On a right side, slip one, knit one and pass the slipped stitch over, on the wrong side of the work, knit 2 together.

Next time work to last 7 stitches so you'll work the stitch you decreased on last time and the next stitich together until you come to the end of the row. You will have turned the heel but not added any length to your flap.

You have 32 stitches that have done nothing and 18stitches on the other needle. With the right side facing, working across the heel flap, pick up 14 stitches from the side of the flap with another needle. knit across the idle stitches and pick up and knit 14 from the other side of the flap. You have 14 stitches too many. I would now put a marker ( I use a slip knot of yarn) at each end of the idle stitches - you can move the knitting round back onto 3 needles if you want.

Knit across the flap again and knit 12 of the 14 stitiches at the side, knit 2 together, then acoss the idle stitches and knit 2 together through the back of the loops and knit back to the heel flap. Ta dah! You've lost 2 stitches. Knit a round then decrease again in the same way, just before and just after the idle stitches on the alternate rounds, untill you have 64 stitches.

The foot is easy just knot until your sock is about 5 cm too short and stop.

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