The toe.

My chunky stash yarns

I kept the idle stitches on the same needle and so I knew where the top of the foot of the sock was. After knitting till I was 5cm short of the toes I knit to the needle with the idle stitches on, K1, k2tog through the back of the loops, then knit to the last 3 sts on that needle, k2together and k1. I repeated this for the stitches that were the bottom of the foot and then worked a knit round. I decreased like this on every other round untill I had 24 stitches and I put the other 12 on another needle. I then grafted these stitches to close the toe.

I'm off to wash my sock and put it on my sock blockers.

This is not a detailed instruction and there is a ton of information on line:

Heel shaoing

Kitchener Stitch (grafting)

patterned socks

Magic loop

knitting rwo socks at once etc.

I'm now inspired by the film 'Rams' I saw a trailer for this on the BBC film review and there's loads of Icelandic knitwear. I have 8 balls of Rowan Chunky and some other bits and bobs of the same weight so I'm off to do the Maths for a circular yoke sweater.A bit of a stash buster this. I'll start with a tension square... The finished sweater will measure 120cm (chest) so 12 x tension stitches =

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