Round yoke sweater in my odd and ends.

Having gathered my stash of chunky wool together the main part of this garment will be the natural black/dark brown of the Rowan Black Welsh mixed up with the jazzy hand dyed Strathearn Fleece and Fibre chunky and some Artesano and Erica Knight thrown in - literally!

The iconic circular yoke is a standard and inspired by Elizabeth Zimmerman and Leonardo Da Vinci. This is not a major fashion statement it's more of a blanket or a hug - it'll hang around on chair backs and be worn by people passing by if they're chilly and as I live in the Wesrt of Scotland that can happen. So sizing - I want it to be 120 cm finished chest width.

I do this sweater using the maths.

Tension square = 13 stitches per 10cm. I leave my tension squares for 24 hours before measuring them now - I know machine knitters do this but Ive found it does make a difernece to the acccuracy.

(12x10 cm = 120cm)

12x13 = 156 This is a lovely number it divides by 2,3,4 and 6 which could be useful.

I'm using 7mm circular needles but I've decided to do the rib in 6.5mm - could stick with the 7mm if I wanted.

Working in the round-

I've cast on 156 sts and worked 8row of 2x2 rib on 6.5mm

Changing to the 7mm I've started to add a bit of colour I'd scribbled some 4/6stitch repeat patterns out on some graph paper and stripes always add a bit.

Back to the Black Welsh I'll knit up to the armholes - maybe 17" (50cm)

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