Sleeves Next

Here's the body, lost track a bit so it's a bit longer and if my photography was better you'd see the dye lots aren't exactly matching BUT this is me knitting a sweatrer for warmth and to use up wool - not a fashion item although I think it's looking pretty damn good and it's quick and lovely to knit. This is truely unique and mine, all mine ha ha!

For the sleeves, I'll start with a quarter of the stitches and increase to a third:

My magic number was 156 - divide by 4 = 39 - no good for 2x2 rib so we call it 40.

The sleeve top will be a third of 156 = 52 I might make that 56 ( I need to divide that by 4 again later and that would be 13 - 56divided by 4 is 14 - I like that better!)

I cast on 40 sts and with 6.5mm dpns I'll work 2x2 rib then I'll change to 7mm dpns and increase 2 sts every 8 rows untill I've got 56 sts. The sleeve length will be about 45cm in my case - this is fron the wrist to the armpit.

After the rib I'll diddle about with some of my mad colour yarn - maybe repeating the pattern on the body or maybe not. (Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom)

I'll repeat this for the second sleeve - probably doing two the same as I'm a conformist really.

The beauty of this is you can use any yarn, any gauge BUT it starts with a tension square - something - if we were honest we don't always do - or do properly and that's probably why a lot of knitters suffer imense disappointment with their end result. Meeting other knitters from Scandinavia, Germany etc they sem to 'knit till its big enough'. I think the Brits are very pattern dependent which is quite sad in a way when we're using such a creative medium.

I'm in the SECC this week working with crochet flowers, brioche knitting and seeing lovely people from New Lanark etc. The sleeves will be getting done on my train journey and tea breaks.

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