First sleeve In!

The first sleeve looks OK I've incresed by knitting into the front and back of the first and last stitches of the 8th round and so I can see 7 stitches before the start of the round on the sleeve and count 14 all together. My last round on the body finished 7 stitches after the last round knit on the body so the last 14 stitches last knit on the body I put onto a spare needle. These two groups of 14 stitches I cast off together using a 3 needle cast off and there's the armpit done. They could have been grafted or cast off and sewn...

I then knit on 64 stitches round the body, then the next 14 stitches I knit and put on a spare needle so they could be joined to 14stitches of the second sleeve.. I should have 64 stitches left before I hit the first sleeve stitches, when I continue knitting the body in the round..

Yoke next and not one of those shallow yokes that stop before the busooms and make the sweater go off on it's own merry way this one will be about 25cm deep and create a relaxed fit. From now on I'll be knitting 2 lots of 64 body stitches and 2 lots of 42 (sleeve) stitches = 212 all together. I need this number to divide by nine so on the next round I'll lose 5 and have 207.

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