Where does the time go?

Well, the sweater still has one sleeve - things got busy but I'm determined to finish it next week. Sadly I missed EYF because I'm in the shop Fri and Sat and it wasn't open on the Sunday - But I heard everyone's stories of beautiful things - not jealous at all (!!!!!!!!)

Best sellers in Craic'n'yarn are the Kate Davies patterns and the Jamieson and Smith yarns to go with them and sock yarn. I have a few first time sock knitters and the variegated yarns are popular. One knitter has matched her two socks perfectly by starting her second sock at the same point she started the first at. They look amazing and I must be less slapdash and do the same myself in future.

I have been distracted by teaching myself magic loop and knitting two socks together - 'very pink' is a treat. Isn't it addictive?

I also found out about Valais Blacknose sheep - beautiful animals am hoping to have a go with some fleece on my wheel.

Hope anyone reading this has a lovely, restful Easterxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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