Oh No! Putey breakdown

Anyhoo - two sleeves in and I had 211 sts in all. I needed a number that would divide by 9 (K7, k2tog for the forst lot of decreases, then k6, k2 tog etc) So I lost 4 sts on the first round I knit and then I had 207 and 9 goes i nto that 23 times. so every round I decrease I lose 23 sts and I'll do that about 5 times and end up with neck sts. My yoke will be about 10"/ 25cm deep so if I dec every 8th round or so I'll fit the dec rounds in OK

I'm using up some of my stash chunky and it's a right Bobby Dazzler! Pic = when I find my camera! As my kids know technology and me are poles apart BUT I have been very grateful to the publicity I get from the little bit I do use..

It was very sad i couldn't get to EYF but those who did still came in and bought more yarn from me Kate Davies is a best seller - as always. Her 'Yoke' with the magic gauntlets. is fab and one of my customers showed me how to explore Ravelry to find out who else had done one of Kate's designs in different colours of Jamieson and Smith wool. That website never fails to amaze me - it is sooooooooo useful.

Strathearn Fleece and Fibre is proving irresistible and I've had to restock - again. A skein of Scotland in wonderful colours. Strathearn lambs are bouncing at the moment.

Debbie Bliss is going well and I have a few more colours - a sherbety peach and a silver and lots more ecru.

I'm knitting two socks at a time (I'm the Master of one sock) with magic loop thanks to Very Pink - love those utubes. have finished Lucy hagues 'Inganess' using one skein of Titus 4ply. and have the cat from Dovestone Small Holding by Ella Austin almost done! Finished Kate Davie's mitt to go with the Peerie Flooers hat and one day I'll do the second one - definitely when it gets to Autumn. The sun is shining here today and it feels very Spring. Happy Knitting and a big 'Thank You' to my customers - I've been going 3 months now! Yeah for me!xxx

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