Yeah for me! The finished sweater.

So, me the grasshopper of the knit world - in between knitting 2 socks at a time on magic loop, a couple of Kate Davies irresistable shop samples and my own designs, I finished my sweater.

To put this in perspective - this has used some of my enormous stash of chunky weight wool and will hang about so any one in the family or peeps visiting the frozen castle here - up North can wear it - it'll fit anyone. I also have tons of Aran weight so I may knit up an Aran weight stripy number next.

Anyhoo - here's the formula:

-Knit up a tension square and calculate your tension

-Mutiply tension (no of sts per 10cm) by finished width (120cm x 13sts) This is X

-Cast on x and knit in the round

-Sleeves - cast on x/4 and increase to x/3

-Loose 4x a quarter of x/3 for underarms from 2 sleeves and 2 sections of body where underarms will be.

-Yoke bottom = x + x/3 knit up decreasing to X/2 (neck sts)

There we go! Free from patterns - use your own gauge,yarn, stitch and pattern.

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