Let's hear it for New Lanark!

I love NL! - not only have they supported me in my mad textile journey, it's a magical place.

New lanark is a World Heritage Site AND spins the most lushious wool/wool and silk blends. I mean wool here - not some namby pamby man made stuff you can put in a boil wash but pure, off the sheep, hand wash, can't be beaten for warmth and knittability wool. If you've not been to visit - why not? It's on a gorgeous stretch of the Clyde and the river walk to the falls can't be beaten. The restored buildings are beautiful and inside you can see the working traditional machinery spinning and winding. If you're lucky you'll pick up some of their organic wool - this is undyed, and slightly greasy but a gentle hand wash transforms it into a soft bouncy wooly fabric - baby blakets spring to mind.

So, apart from a cup of tea and a catch up with the lovely people down there I brought back some wicked DK in the new colours and some aran to put into kits for boot socks, cushions etc.

What's been occuring here? May is a busy month with our visitors who want to take a bit of Scotland with them. Linda at Strathearn Fleece and Fibre is keeping me stocked up with her hand dyed blue face leicester - which flies off the shelves. Ravelry is a source of inspriation particularly Lucy Haque's wraps and shawls - if you ever get past the sqaushing stage and manage to knit/crochet with it.

I'm waiting to see Kate Davies' new Shetland Hap Book - she's gathered some great knit designers with their haps for this publication - a must have.

Apart from that I had great sorrow as my lovely little Dolly rabbit died last week and great joy as a fantastic young couple - so obviously in love - got married all in the same week. That's life!

ps - thanks to 'Very Pink' I can now do magic loop and two socks at once - yeah for me!!

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