British reared sheep have it!

BUT folks are loving British wool. I could have bought in loads of cheap acrylic and imported yarns but I've stuck to my guns and kept to British - Scottish when I can get it!

My two fave rave Scottish spun fleece are Strathearn (hand dyed 4ply and lace) and Kate Davies (her bouncy buchaille dk/sport weight) As for West Yorkshire Spinners I'm already out of their light brown blue faced leicester spun fleece - haven't had it in the shop two minutes.

Those babies don't stop coming and Debbie Bliss is a standard.

So apart from stocking up on my present stuff look out for a new British reared merino in an aran weight - spun in Yorkshire by Laxtons - due in in a month or two AND some deliclious new 'Baby Cash' shades.

I'm battling with some very thick jersey strips I got from Wool and the Gang - if you've not been to their website - fantastic video tutorials! Luckily I can't make out the lyrics to the

background music! it's an age thing....


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