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Can't believe how quickly the year is going! Have a big birthday this year which I'm not particularly wanting to celebrate but check website for times I won't be in store - I'll be some place else cuddling the prosceco.

Am knitting and crocheting like crazy at the moment - lots of ufos and things I MUST knit - like the Crofthoose Hat - a free pattern from Jamieson and Smith to mark The Shetland Wool Week. Must do a shop sample of that this weekend as I have some lovely purps and blues just in of the Jamieson and Smith 2 ply.

Jenny, up in Eigg is a wonderful hand spinner and I have a samll ammount of that rare an precious thing in the shop - look her up at 'A'Nead'

Strathearn Fleece and Fibre are having to constantly replenish me with their 4ply, hand dyed wool. Everyone loves the local story and hearing about the work on the farm - go to their website/facebook to see their pics.

Kate Davies Buachaille wool and her patterns are always popular but the little owl cardigan is sooooo tempting - a good practical knit as Kate has sized it up to 10 years.

In September there'll be some new Debbie Bliss baby cash shades and I'm hoping to get Juniper Moon Farms Findleydappled - this is a sqashable lace weight in soft soft wool and silk - over 700m on the ball which would give you a wrap. It'll retail at £20.50 a ball but I have to have it!

The Falklands Aran is in with a lovely Debbie Bliss pattern book.

I have Opal rainforest colours in the sock yarn and all the sparkley has gone - I hope they do that again - I miss it already. There's some lively brights in 6 and 8 ply - getting set for thick socks for a Scottish Winter (or Summer as I'm sat in a wooly waistcoat - mid August!)

That's a quick round up of Craic'n'Yarn and I haven't even mentioned New Lanark and Titus from Baa Ram Ewe. Thanks to all my wonderful regulars who have supported me since I opened Craic'n'Yarn in January, my customers who come and tell me their knitty stories and all who have travelled fair distances because they love to knit with what I do - yarn with a story.

I'm always drawn to the on line resources - lots are free!

My faves are:

ravelry, knitrowan and knitty for free and designer 'pay for' patterns and someone has just told me of 'wise badger'. Knitting Fool for stitch patterns

For designers I go to Kate Davies, Lucy Hague, Carol Feller, Justina Lorcowska, Jenny Johnson Johnen.

For tuition - Wool and the Gang do excellent video tutorials and Very Pink is a wizard - two socks at once with magic loop and how to stitch zips in are my top two of hers.

Happy Knitting, Patxx

Ps - I always help my regulars whenever they are stuck with any knit/crochet -I will not be beaten! (and even if it is a tricky problem we normally sort it out together - two heads etc)

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