Are you as addicted to ravelry as me?

Have just had a lovely customer in ( well - you all are! - I know there's other places you can buy from so I really appreciate you popping in to support my little shop) and we've sat looking and sharing our favourite designers and projects - I always learn from this and get fired up with new ideas and thoughts. I'm not the most IT person in the world but I can see the difference in young knitters who are totally into social media and learning with all the on line tools they find. They seem free and more gutsy about their projects - more creative. When I started to knit it was 'pick it up yourself as you go along' and I honestly feel I've learnt so much more in the last 10 years and still learning. I love the way the wool crafts cut across age, social class, language and all the usual things that separate us. See you soonxx

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