Here I am again! Sweater time.

Here's another 'knit till it fits' made up sweater. My gorgeous boy is heading into Winter and because he lives on a planet far away I love doing the mumsy thing and knitting for him BUT he is a bit of a fashionista and it has to be cool and I'm, basically, not. I do try to be ghetto and down with the kids but the whole family say I must stop.

He likes things to fit - I like to knit with lots of ease and comfort don't believe knit should be 'spray on' so stitich pattern has a bit of a rib thing going on and will pull in. It's a 14 st repeat :

Round 1 (ding ding) k10, p1, twist two sts by knitting into the second st first and then the first st and pulling both off the left hand needle together, p1.

Round 2: doesn't have the twist: k10. p1, k2, p1

Rep last 2 rounds 6 more times

Round 15: P11, k2, p1 work this round twice in total

16 rounds in total

So, My tension is 18sts on a 5mm needle - I'm using West Yorkshire Spinners 'Fleece' light brown. This is blue faced leicester - aran weight- so will be gorgeous despite any mistakes I make.

For a finished garment of 110cm I multiply 11 ( 11 x 10 cm) by the tension sts - 18 = 198.

I'll make this 196, that way my 14 sts pattern repeat fits 14 times and 196 divides by 4 so my 2x2 rib fits too! Jiggle your numbers.

This is it so far - obviously it should be lower on the manikin but my circular needles weren't long enough and I would lose all my sts. On circular needles, I just use what I have so if a pattern says 80cm length circulars and I only have 100cm I'm not going to run out and buy more. I'm going to knit until I have a length of about 20" - 50cm as he's a tall bloke, might even do longer..

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