I eventuallly settled on a body length, then put the stitches onto two circular needles ( for back and front) I put 7 blocks at either side and used the twist for the edge stitch. I'm knitting the back and I'll need it to be a quarter of the body size - so I'm knitting for 110cm - my sleeve hole will be 27.5cm. (The standarised scye depth is 24.4cm so that's about right wiht a bit of ease!) At about 26cm I'll divide the stitches into 3 and put a bit of neck shaping into the middle third. I never cast off the shoulder stitches, I usually do short rows and do a '3 neede cast off' for the shoulder seam - trying to sew up two jaggy hard edges makes it look nasty. I'll work the front the same, doing a bit of shaping at about 23cm in length. I'll join the shoulders and then start some sleeves. xx

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