Neck and Armholes

So, the shoulders are 1/3 of the sts for front and back so 32 in my case and the middle 1/3 is the neck. I shaped the back about 4 rows short of the shoulders and put some 'k2tog' in at the neck edge. For the front neck I put 3, either side of the neck edge on every row and 2 k2 tog on alternate rows - each side - dec 5 sts either side of the neck and I did this starting about 8cm below the shoulders. I worked straight up to the shoulders and did a bit of short row shaping rather than casting off sts and having a lumoy mess to sew, I knit away from the neck for 16 sts, turned and knit to the neck and then held the sts for a 3 needle cast off.

The neck band is the same number of sts as for the front and back - 98 in my case but I made it 96 as that would divide by 4 for the 2x2 rib. I cast off with a *work 2 tog, pass the st back to the left needle rep from * castoff -is it a Rusian cast off? I don't know but it's loose and easy fit.

Now the sleeves - they'll be 19" (48cm) and worked top down. 5cm at the end for rib so I need to work 43cm in pattern. I'll fit the decreases into that 43cm. I'll pick up 98 sts (that number again!) and reduce it to 48 (1/2 98) at the wrist. Working in the round I'll dec at what would be the sleeve seam, every 6 rounds - lose 2 sts. for a few cm then every 4 rounds.

Here's a pic so far - would look so much more masculine on a male mannikin. Will get by boy to do his knitting pattern pose when it;s done.xx

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