One sleeve later

I can't believe I haven't posted since November. There's a New Year's resolution in there somewhere. I think this is linked with Facebook - I wish I was better with social media! Now, IF I darned the ends in and put a second sleeve in this my boy would have his sweater ready and on his beautiful body. As it is I got distracted with work that pays the rent and Will's trip got delayed to the cold place so I took my foot off the pedal.

I wish you could squash this bfl and smell the sheep.. You know what? I hate to finish stuff - it's like, that's the end of it and my friend moves away. Having written me off as a strange person - it IS a lovely sweater - and the point is it's out of my head.another frightening thought to those who know me.

I'll walk you through it if you fancy having a go:

1. Pick some gorgeous wool - or other natural fibre kindly taken from a beautiful animal (beware angora PLEASE check) If you knit with acrylic, have a think of how you're devaluing what you do and the time and love you put into knit ---Oh No, she's having a rant.

knit in whatever gauge you think works.

2 Pick a stitch pattern

3 Do some sums

I decided on the chest measurement - adding 10cm cos knit should never be 'spray on' and worked out how many stitches this would be - using the tension.

this is 'x'

The neck is x/2

Sleeve cuff is x/4

Sleeve top (this is a square sleeve stuck straight into the body) x/2

Hole for the sleeve is x/4 deep

I divided the front half and back half into thirds for the neck and two shoulders.

Lengths depend on who's having it

I love knitting off piste and this is a unique sweater - but not in a sad way as I hope to demonstrate when Will models it for me.It took 8x100g skeins of bfl from WYS in the light brown.

Have a peaceful Christmas with people you love and a few you don't. Patxx

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