It's been a while since I posted here. Naughty! The shop's been occupying my time and the usual family bits and bobs and It's August aready. We've had lousy Summer weather up here in Scotland, but it's bound to improve when the children head back to school in a few weeks. I've been selling thick socks through July! and sock knitting is BIG. Portable, affordable and enough of a challenge to knit they've got it all. Christmas knitting has started (it's official!) and I'm collecting wicked hat ideas. Kate Davies Dollheid appeals to me and Lucy Hague's Runar has got to be knit, her Tallorcen is a firm favourite in these parts - all to see on Ravelry or in Craic'n'Yarn.

I get inspired by the folk I meet - there's never enough hours in the day for all the projects I want to do. I'm hoping to make some tartan teddies soon (check out the 'kilt school' in Keith) a customer told me about this and my pals have introduced me to 'Lunar Lapin' so these little rabbits are springing up all over - I do a bit of a Frankenstein job of sewing the head to the body but its the thought that counts.

Looking forward to the Perth Festival of Yarn (SEPT 10th) - I'm hoping to be helping on the Strathearn Fleece and Fibre Stand and the best part is not only do I get to play with the wool I'll be meeting people and hearing about what they like to make and how - we learn so much from each other - different techniques, new ideas etc.

Happy knitting everyone. Patx

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