What's the Craic?

We'll be shutting on Saturday till 30th August.

Through August and September: WYS sock and some Opal sock ( the 'blumen' range) will be £5 for 100g to clear the decks a bit for more colours. Try it - if you haven't already, for your 4ply patterns - 75% wool and reasonably priced - I've done wraps with it and baby things. Washes well and crochets beautifully.

Just got some more Croft - there's a wool worth knitting with - lovely tweeds or toning shade

s - aran weight and a lovely Shetland fleece. I've crocheted with it as it's got just the right spin for that as well. At £8.50 for 100g I think it's fantastic value.

Craic'n'Yarn supporting British/Scottish wool and Alpaca production!

Happy knitting! x

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